Team Managers provide an incredible service to their teams, coaches and the Club. The work you perform sets the tone for the team and is essential to the effective running and level of communication within it. Yakima Crossfire expects its team managers to be 100% supportive of the club philosophy of player development - at all times. Managers must be incredibly organized, help out in all things requested, ask questions, support the coach and Club and continue to educate families throughout the year.

There are major areas where managers provide the most service to their teams:

  • Communication
  • Manager Checklist
  • Team Book - Player / Parent / Coach forms and demograpjic information
  • Uniforms
  • Practices & Fields - Dale Novobielski
  • Tournaments (including US Youth Soccer State Cup Tournaments)
  • Regional Club League Game Scheduling
  • Game Day Operations
  • Travel
  • Year-End

Our aim is to help team managers make the responsibilities of the coaches easier, so they may direct their focus on the most important priority - the development of the players and the team. Your working relationship with the coach of your team is one of absolute importance.

Yakima Crossfire Contact Imnfpormation

Yakima Crossfire
P.O. Box 9336
Yakima, WA 98909 Phone: 509-452-1392 Website:

Ahtanum Youth Park 1000 Ahtanum Rd Union Gap, WA 98903

Contacts: DOC:Bob McAllister 509-240-3600

Crossfire President George Lopez
Director of Coaching Bob McAllister
Registrar (Both Clubs) Sally Bredwell
Girls College Advisor
Boys College Advisor
Technical Director
Club Administrator Sally Bredwell
Club Bookkeeper Ron Sabari
Field Coordinator Dale Novobielski



To get things started for the team, here are a few tips for a successful season: Complete your WA Youth Soccer Background Check - MANDATORY! All adults involved with coaching or as team managers or team treasurers are required to complete and pass a national background check prior to their service with Yakima Crossfire, YYSA.

Use this link to complete your check:

  • Club Email Account: You will be assigned a Club email address. Please set this up as soon as you receive notice from the Registrar. This email address is to be used for club/team information only.
  • Distribute the Team Contact Sheet: Once all players are registered with Yakima Crossfire, you will want to put together a team contact sheet. Ask your team parents to proof it for changes/additions. Forward a final draft to all players, parents, and coach(s). Please keep the Team Contact Sheet current throughout the year.
  • Certified Birth Certificate/Passport copies: Forward any copies to the club administrator / treasurer. These are NOT to be included in the Team Book.
  • Medical Release Forms: Gather these from each player (new and returning). Store in your Team Book. Medical Forms may be found on the website.
  • Organize Player Cards: Ask any players new to Yakima Crossfire to obtain their current US Youth Soccer member passes from their former team managers. US Youth Soccer passes expire on August 31.
  • Take Photos: Get a photo (head shot) of each of the players for player cards. Coach photos may be found on the Shadow website. Get a team photo of all players and coach, in uniform, for the Yakima Crossfire website please.
  • Team Travel Coordinator: It is helpful to have a parent volunteer handle all hotel arrangement for tournaments and league games. This person can get google maps / directions together for everyone
  • First Aid Kit: Get parents to assist with this item Re-stock your team's first aid kit and put it in your coach's bag. It's okay to ask the team to help re-stock the first-aid kit.
  • Club Policies: Familiarize yourself with Yakima Crossfire policies regarding playing time, player injuries, lightning safety, No Pay/No Play, refunds, tournaments, guest players, player sponsorships, fundraising, website privacy and security, logo use, etc.