The Yakima Crossfire / YYSA relies heavily on e-mail. It is the fastest way to reach many people. Email is a wonderful tool…if used properly. For us, proper use of email means it is to only be used to communicate information-directions to fields, practice dates and times, game changes, etc.

Yakima Crossfire / YYSA E-mail and Texting Policy: We ask that players and parents communicate directly to coaches about practices, questions, or concerns. Players and parents are expected to work directly with their Team Manager and Team Treasurer about game schedules, travel plans, etc. And, in doing so, we ask that all remember our Club's email and texting policy: it should only be used to communicate information; not be used to raise or answer questions of concern, offer up opinions, nor engage in written dialogue. Proper use of e-mail and texting is expected at all times.

Through Club-wide and team-specific emails, YYSA & Crossfire players and families e-mail addresses are often listed in group address blocks. We regard all email addresses and personal registration information as private and confidential. Yakima Crossfire / YYSAA Team Managers and Coaches are entrusted with this personal information to handle team business only. Please DO NOT share e-mail or contact information with anyone outside of the team you serve. We DO NOT forward information to our teams about events, promotions or organizations outside of our club.

Team Manager e-mail addresses are posted on our website. Outside entities are likely to harvest your information, send you e-mails and hope you will help promote their business or event. Please delete the information you receive - DO NOT forward to your team.

Use of Yakima Crossfire /YYSA e-mail addresses by players or parents for non-soccer related e-mails (political campaigns, religious messages, forwarded messages, etc.) is strongly discouraged. Yakima Crossfire does not share or sell this information with other organizations.

NOTE: ALL emails you send or forward throughout the year must include a copy to your team coach. This will ensure streamlined communication.

Standardized Team Listings: Please refer to your team with the same consistent title in each e-mail, tournament registration, game sheet etc. The standard Yakima Crossfire listing is by Club name, gender, birth year and team assignment: Ex: Yakima Crossfire B'03-A

Communication Received From:

Team Coach: The information received from the team's coach will be centered around specific needs. Anything related to training days, times, locations, game schedules (tournaments and league), team meetings, travel preferences, roster confirmations, and any other items of interest will come from each team's coach. Again, you may be asked to forward some of these e-mails to the team.

Communication To:

Team Members: The majority of information you will send out will be to your team's members. Any information sent to you from the club or from your coach will more than likely need to be disseminated to the rest of your team. Again, this could include anything about practices, games, travel, team meetings, player profiles, collecting balances owed, or asking for input to get back to the coach or club. Please remember to include as many details (who, what, where, when, why) in your e-mails to send as clear a message as possible, to avoid confusion and questions later.

Team Treasurer: Any information regarding payments due from families or to the coach, tournament, hotel, etc. must be passed on to your team's treasurer. The treasurer will handle the budgeting and collecting of the costs between all the players. We recommend you keep in close contact with your team treasurer and make all plans as far in advance as possible.

Coaches: We recommend you keep in close contact with your coach to offer them the support they need so they can focus on player and team development. You must review plans for tournaments and games with the coach first before they are made and communicated to the team. Please pass on any information that you feel must be communicated to your coach in addition to any information your coach may request.

Club Staff: If your team coach cannot answer a question or concern, or is not available for guidance, please contact your age group Director or Director of Coaching.

Visiting Teams: In an effort to offer an organized welcome to teams visiting Spokane, the following information may be of help:

Confirm game dates, times, field locations, and field numbers one week in advance of the game. Locate the opposing team manager (club or league website) and contact them by e-mail so details are in writing. Always get cell phone numbers of your opposing team managers and coaches for game-day calls. Always give your cell phone number to the opposing team contacts.