Posted Aug 26, 2017

Holding the US Soccer “E” License for a minimum of six months is a prerequisite for the “D” Instructional Weekend. 

The US Soccer “D” license is a 36-40 hour course spread out over two weekends at least 10 weeks apart. Coaches will be required to prepare and run a set of pre-determined training sessions prior to the first weekend, called the “Instructional Weekend”. After completing the first weekend, coaches will complete three assigned training sessions before returning for the second weekend, now called the “Evaluation Weekend/Performance Review”.

*As of Jan. 1, 2013, waivers into the D License Course are NO LONGER accepted.  Even if a coach has a previously-approved waiver, it is no longer valid. 

US Soccer D License Information

Fees  for the "D" Instructional Weekend are:

                               $250 for coaches of YYSA / Yakima Crossfire member clubs

                               $270 for coaches of non-YYSA / Yakima Crossfiremember clubs

 Fee  for the "D" Evaluation Weekend is:

                              $85 for coaches of VYSA member and non-VYSA member clubs                                

To register for a US Soccer D Instructional or Evaluation Weekend (Click Here)

US Soccer D License Candidate Resources:

Here is a step by step guide to assist you on your US Soccer D License journey.

US Soccer D Documents

US Soccer D Session Planner and Self Reflection Documents

US Soccer D Practice Topics [Pre-Course and Deliberate Practice Phase]

US Soccer Session Planner Instructions

If you have any questions, please contact: Bob McAllister, Director of Coaching :