Boys 00 A
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: Ivan Garcia

Coaching Education/Training -                             USSF D License
-CalNorth Goal Keeper License                     
-NSCAA High School Diploma
Additional Education/Training-Intl. Coaching Course - With Edorta Murua, Technical Methodology Director of Atletico Madrid 
 -Intl. Coaching Course - With Albert Puig, Former FC Barcelona Youth Academy Director

Division: WYS-Regional Club League, Division 1
2016 Player Roster, Fall Season
1. Nestor Ramos (GK)
2. Alejandro Borges
3. Manuel Cervantes-Pineda
4. Juan Santiago
5. Chase T. Thorn
6. Roberto C Rosales
7. Johnny Ramirez
8. Alejandro Rosario
9. Estanislao Andrade
10. Alexis Arellano
11. Zacarías Benítez Jr.
12. Johnathan Sherwood-Flett
13. Miguel Gomez (Temp. Transfer to 99's)
14. Ivan Perez Castro
15. Rolando Díaz
16. Eduardo Castro
17. Randy Bravo Mendez
18. Moises Martinez
19. Cristobal Huerta
20. Alfredo Hernandez
Crossfire-Yakima b00A, U17, Recent Accomplishments
-2015-2016 WYS Regional Club League, Division 2 Champions
-2016 Crossfire Nike Challenge U17 Gold Division Champions
-2016 Adidas Clash of the Border Showcase Super U17/U18 Champions
-2016-2017 Participating in WYS Regional Club League, Division 1-2016-2017 -Participating in Copa Rayados International Tournament in Houston, Texas

Coaching Philosophy:As coach of the boys Crossfire Yakima U17 team, my philosophy is about providing a competitive environment where a players development becomes the primary objective through age appropriate competitive training. The goal is to maximize the full potential of every player in every capacity at every single stage of development and in every single area of soccer. Through coordinated motor skill development, mental and technical skills, positional play, and tactical knowledge that make for the most well rounded and dynamic player. Training 3-4 times per week for 90 minutes or up to 2 hours per day, I expect all players to attend all practices so that every player can show their progress/improvement during games and reap the full benefits that competitive soccer offers. My secondary objective is for players to understand/vision how soccer can also be used in our everyday lives on and off the field, by volunteering in their communities, learning to overcome life obstacles, being leaders in their groups, having self-respect and showing respect to all persons and the game of soccer, and learning responsibility.

Coaching Experience
-2011-2015 SCCB Staff Head Coach, CalNorth Gold/Premier
-2014-2015 PCS High School, Varsity Head Coach, CCSL-MTAL
-2016-present: Crossfire-Yakima U17, WYS-RCL Division 1

Player Highlights-'03 and '04 Varsity, Davis HS-'05-'06 Wenatchee College-Freshman-2006 Retired w/ injury

Other Coaches Accomplishments
-2012 CalNorth CCSL Championship (SCCB '99 Premier)
-2013-14 Santa Cruz County Coach of the Year-2014-2015 High School: CCSL-MTAL League Champions (Pacific Collegiate)
-2014-2015 High School: CCSL-MTAL Voted Coach of the Year (Pacific Collegiate)

Boys 01 A
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: Hector Cardenas

RCL Div. 1

Girls 01
Posted Mar 2, 2017

Head Coach: Ryan Alexander

Played competitive soccer for 22 years. Played the highest levels through High school. Equivalent of the RCL divisions 1 &2 for 5 years.

Made all league in High school sophomore, junior and senior years for Eisenhower High.

Played In Germany for a summer in 1984.

Played for the Community Colleges of Spokane and made all league in 1987 and 1988.


Hold the National D license.

Have coached for 25 years.

Hold one State championship, 2 semifinal appearances, and 6 quarter finals in the 12 years of competing in State Cup Championships

Boys 02 A
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: Miguel Cubarubias

Boys 03 A
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: Ofelio Borges

Boys 03 B
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: Ceveriano Garcia

Boys 04 A
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: Jorge L Sanchez


Boys 04 B
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: Brent Knautz

Coaching Experience:
10 Years Selah Youth Programs grades k – 6
4 Years Selah High School Boys and Girls teams

Highest Level of Play:
Yakima Reds (USISL)

I believe in developing complete players. I teach technical and tactical ability as well as agility, strength and teamwork.  Kids should not be isolated to one or two positions from a young age.  As kids develop, they need to experience multiple positions and multiple situations.  As players progress, these opportunities generate a smarter player and when you pair game knowledge with superior technical and tactical skill, a complete player has more opportunities for future success.

Boys 05 A
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Diego Mendoza 509-594-8669

USSF National C License

USSF National B Course

15 year Coaching experience: Rec and Club Boys and Girls U6-U18

Girls 05 A
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: George Lopez

Boys 06 A
Posted Dec 4, 2016

Head Coach: Hugo Rodriguez