About Us
Posted Oct 28, 2016

YYSA continues it's goal of promoting the highest level of competition in the Yakima Valley with it's merger with Crossfire Premier Club.

About Crossfire Yakima

Crossfire Yakima is the competitive club of the Yakima Youth Soccer Association (YYSA) for ages U10-U18 Premier and participates in the Regional Club League (RCL).  Crossfire Yakima is a non-profit organization committed to player development and providing the highest level of training and competition for players.

The following information is intended to help explain the policies and procedures of the club and the expectations of those involved.  These policies may be changed at the discretion of Crossfire Yakima Board at any time.

Mission Statement
Posted Oct 28, 2016

It is our aim to bring out the joy that the game of soccer can provide our youth by offering our players the highest level of competition available in the state of Washington, fueling their passion, challenging them to grow, teaching them to persevere, and recognizing their strengths in contributing to those around them.

Regional Club League
Posted Oct 28, 2016

Crossfire Yakima League Participation

Regional Club League (RCL)

Participation in this league is by invitation only and comprises of various WSYSA clubs.  Inclusion in this league is dependent upon appropriate player, team, and club development.  An entire club can be removed from this league by not adhering to their ethical policies.  It is expected that each club provide quality teams and appropriate player development at every age level of the RCL. The purpose of this league is to provide like competition and team placement where the emphasis isn’t winning but where each game should theoretically be decided by a single goal. Games are played statewide.  Players participating in this premier league will be placed through a try-out process. 

Process of becoming a RCL Club

The Regional Club charter is a commitment between Washington Youth Soccer, a member Association, and a chartered Regional Club to work together to serve the highest level of development and play, and improve the quality of development across the association.  Once this charter has been assigned, it can only be removed by Washington Youth Soccer, only with documented cause processed through the Regional Club subcommittee, and only after all avenues for resolving conflicts or performance issues have been exhausted.

The Regional Club Charter program (RCL), introduced by Washington Youth Soccer, establishes standards for clubs serving the regional level players and coaches, and better enables the introduction of coach and player development programs. Combined with the Regional Club Subcommittee, it also creates a community that works together to drive the innovation of our game.  The following guidelines must be met in order to be a part of the Regional Club Charter Program:

  • There will be no more than one Regional Club per Association (with one exception from the grandfathered PDL clubs).
  • To qualify for a new Regional Club, an association must have greater than 4000 registered players, or be geographically isolated (greater than 60 miles from any neighboring Regional Club).
  • The application process is used to evaluate the club on three dimensions; organizational, technical, and performance.
  • The performance threshold is based on points garnered by the club during state cups; the minimum requirement is 25.                                                
  • The application process is open year round; however, final approval may be delayed pending state cup competitions if a club doesn’t have a competitive history, or has not yet achieved the minimum requirement of 25 points.
  • Following review of the application materials, the process will include an interview with organizational and technical leadership.

See link below for the operating procedures of the: RCLhttp://www.wsysa.com/Leagues/RegionalClubLeagueRCL/tabid/1622/language/en-US/Default.aspx